Welcome to your Health & Strength Assessment - the goal is to get a clear picture of where you're at - not to make a good impression...

This is a no judgement zone where you'll get a real time snapshot of your current situation. That way you'll be able to start doing what's best for YOU right now.

Please grab a pen and paper and write down the numbers that you tick in the following boxes. You'll need to add them up at the end to get your result.

How is your energy level lately?

1 = Exhausted

5 = Superstar

How pain-free are you latelely?

1 = Worst Pain Ever

5 = No Pain, Feeling Great

How to you get down and back up from the floor?

1 = No Can Do

5 = Bouncy Like a Rubber Ball

How do you tie your shoes?

1 = Have To Sit Down

5 = Just Bend Over

How often do you break a sweat from deliberate exercise?

1 = Never

5 = Daily

How do you put your bag in the overhead locker of a plane=

1 = I Use The Friendly Guy Next To Me

5 = I Hoist It Like A Boss And Help Others

How's your sleep quality lately?

1 = Feel I Don't Close An Eye

5 = Groundhog's My Middle Name

How do you feel about getting dressed to go out?

1 = Nothing Fits So I Find Something To Hide In

5 = Take My Photo - I Feel Glamorous!

How calm and focused do you feel lately?

1 = Freaking Out And Frazzled

5 = Zen Master

How capable and confident do you feel lately?

1 = Shameful Fraud

5 = Like A Boss!

Now add up the numbers you wrote down for every slide to get your total. When you submit, you'l l get an email with your result. Great job! You're only one step away from taking action.

Well done for taking the assessment - you are one step closer to taking the right action for your quality of life to get massively better.

So let’s look at your points and what they mean:

10 - 25 points

Your quality of life has taken a beating over the years. Your declining health and strength is making your daily life a physical and emotional struggle that’s wearing you down. You feel like you can't get any respite from your aches and fatigue and it’s taking a toll on your confidence and outlook on life. Here are the next best steps that you can take:

  1. Start moving more - you don’t need to worry about any details or exercise protocols right now. A daily walk and some stretching exercises, done consistently, will help you to start to move you out of the discomfort you’re finding yourself in right now.

  2. Check your eating habits: are you building your meals with the intention of nourishing and fueling your body? Add whole foods to your meals whenever you can - you’ll get more energy and satisfaction from your meals.

  3. Give your rest and recovery some loving care - create a sleep ritual so you can unwind more easily and get a good night’s rest. Practice regular bedtimes - you will be amazed by how much difference that makes.

26 - 39 points

You’re “ok” but feel that you’re operating way below your maximum. Your lack of optimum physical fitness is creeping into your life and making daily actions more tedious and uncomfortable. More often than not, you drag yourself out of bed in the morning. You feel like you’ve found ways to make your life “tolerable” and think you’re reasonably in shape - but you would shy away from a challenging hiking vacation or playing ball with your grandkids. You’re getting a feeling that you’re missing out on things that would be fun and fulfilling to have in your life. Here are the next best steps you can take:

  1. Take up strength training. The benefits that come with reactivating and building up your muscles will be effective within a few weeks of starting. Your mobility, energy levels, and pain free movement will elevate your quality of life in the simplest and most powerful way. You will feel more confident and able to take on not only your daily life but other adventures that you never dared dream of before.

  2. In accordance with your new focus on muscle training you can optimise your eating habits and make sure you eat enough lean protein, lots of vegetables and some fruit every day. That way, you can create a virtuous cycle of more energy and satisfaction from your meals, better training results and an overall level of wellbeing and quality of life that you hadn’t thought possible anymore.

  3. Your new training and eating protocol will - in and of itself - improve the quality of your rest and recovery. But you can take it to the next level by being more intentional about regular bedtimes, your habits in the hours before going to bed and by getting outside first thing in the morning whenever you can to optimise your Circadian rhythm.

40 - 50 points

Hello Ninja woman! You are “winning” at midlife - your strength levels are that of a much younger person, you move with ease and confidence and you have enough energy to take on every day and make the most of it. You wake up rested and ready to go in the morning and you are happy to take on physical challenges - be it long hikes or playing with your grandkids. You can keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine - except if you want to take it to the next level and attain the physical status of a Master Athlete. If that’s something you fancy, here are your next best steps:

  1. If you’re not strength training for muscle building yet (but I’m guessing you are) you want to start that yesterday. That way, you’ll not only hold on to your muscle mass, you’ll quickly be able to build more muscle and accumulate the health capital that will keep you at your way above average fitness level for decades to come.

  2. In line with a new focus on muscle building, you can dial in your nutrition and start eating with laser focus on strength and performance, shedding the last pounds of fat you may be carrying and maintaining or lowering your biological age as you go. You’ll be unstoppable.

  3. You’re sleeping pretty well right now and that’s a great asset. Taking it to the next level would mean becoming even more consistent with your bedtimes, building intentional recovery activities into your daily routines and start (or continue) working on mindfulness or meditation to achieve the perfect balance.


The most important step is to do something. Don’t get lost in complicated protocols or wanting to be perfect. Take one of the steps that I suggest in your result and start from there.

Have any questions about your result? Shoot me an email and I’ll make sure I give you the answers you need.

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